• Background Color

With this app, you can create beautiful wallpapers of your favorite with ease.
Coordinate with your iPhone color, or change according to your mood...
Would you like to create various wallpapers?

1.) Gradation switch
You can choice gradation color (from "Top color" to "Bottom color") or one color by "Gradation switch".

2.) Color settings
"H" - You can set "Hue" from 0 degrees to 360 degrees.
"S" - You can set "Saturation" from 0% to 100%.
"B" - You can set "Brightness" from 0% to 100%.

3.) Shadow opacity
You can set "Shadow Opacity" of screen edge (α value) from 0% to 100%.

4.) Preview
You can check the preview of Lock screen by tapping the "Preview Button" that on upper right of screen.

5.) Save to photo library
Action sheet will appear by tapping the preview screen. You can save the wallpaper to photo library by tapping "Save to Photo Library", return to setting screen by tapping "Return to settings".

6.) Use as wallpaper
You can use as wallpaper from built-in app "Settings" > "Wallpapers & Brightness" > "Choose Wallpaper" > "Camera Roll", or from built-in app "Photos".

Coordinate with iPhone 5s Space Gray

Coordinate with iPhone 5s Silver

Color settings for iPhone 5c